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Greenbelt Preservation

Tierra Rejada Greenbelt

Dr. Mikos supports consensus based actions to strengthen the Tierra Rejada Greenbelt so that it will always remain a greenbelt--even after the SOAR measures expire.

This will require cooperation from all landowners, the cities of Moorpark, Simi Valley, and Thousand Oaks, and the County of Ventura.

It will also require some funding, first to thoroughly analyze the problem and plan appropriate protection strategies and then to implement the strategies that make the most sense. Funding can be generated through a number of state, federal, and private sources.

Dr. Mikos will work diligently to make this stronger protection a reality. She has already begun to talk to some landowners and to a number of greenbelt and open space experts. She supports Mayor Hunter's efforts along these lines as well.

As an accomplished grant writer, Dr. Mikos has skills that no other candidate has when it comes to finding, seeking, and acquiring financial support for important projects like this.

The possibilities are promising for meaningful protection of this very special area, protection that will support existing landowners in their farming and other appropriate greenbelt activities.

Simi Valley/Moorpark Greenbelt

A second greenbelt has been on the books in the County General Plan for many years--for the area north of the 118 freeway at the interface between Simi Valley and Moorpark.

Dr. Mikos will work hard to try to make that greenbelt a reality as well. It is long overdue.

This greenbelt is to be in the area that includes the controversial Hidden Creek Ranch project (voted down by Moorpark citizens) and it goes east all the way to Alamos Canyon in Simi Valley.

Much discussion will be needed and cooperation between Simi Valley and Moorpark will be essential to get a meaningful greenbelt agreement for an appropriate amount of this area.

Dr. Mikos is committed to having this dialog and working hard to make this happen.

Las Posas Valley Greenbelt

The Las Posas Valley, west of Moorpark and all the way to Camarillo/Oxnard Plain--and site of the historic Somis community--is full of some of the most productive farmland in all Ventura County.

Astonishingly, there has been nothing accomplished to date to get a serious greenbelt agreement in place for this unique and special agricultural area.

Dr. Mikos commits to work toward making this greenbelt become a reality. Petition the county board of supervisors to tell them how important it is to make the Las Posas Valley a strong "official" greenbelt and not just a hoped for one listed for some time in the future.

The future is NOW, and it should be as big a priority to codify the Las Posas Valley Greenbelt as it was for the supervisors to codify the Fillmore/Santa Clara River Valley greenbelt.

Kudos to the supervisors for their work on the Fillmore/Santa Clara River Valley greenbelt.

But now let's get to work on the one for the Las Posas Valley!

Dr. Roseann Mikos
Moorpark City Councilmember, 2000 - 2016
Mayor Pro Tem, 2002; 2006; 2010; 2014

Moorpark, California 805-529-3216


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